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Here is an excerpt from recent communication with an angry Married woman. When a simple question was somehow considered an  insult..

Lady: Hi

Gentlemen: Hi. How are you?

Lady: I am good! I heard you also work at the tutoring academy? Referring to the academy where I volunteer my time

Gentlemen: Yes I do.  Giving back to the less privileged. Do any of your relatives or child attend the centre too?

Lady: hang on a minute! She exclaimed with such a defiance and rage usually associated with someone wrongly accused of a crime they did not commit. A child? She quarried further..

How old do you think I am? She quarried remonstrating while incidentally displaying her left ring finger which indicated clearly she was married.

Gentlemen: It’s just a question as I was informed you will be visiting the academy soon before our conversation was abruptly interrupted by a client of hers.

Approximately 5 minutes later. A colleague present during the conversation notified me she believed that I had upset the lady.

It is often stated that introverts over analyse things. All attempts to identify any trigger for her dissatisfaction from the excerpt of our brief encounter has failed. At first I assumed it might be due to her age however despite been in her middle – late twenties, I fail to see any correlation between her age , question and disgust.

So my reply was simple. I could not care less about how she felt!  There are people with more pressing issues than those of hers.

Dear astute fellow bloggers, surfers and readers….

Two or more sets of astute mind is better than one as I stand to be corrected and shown the errors of my ways…

Stay True, Stay Proud, Stay Introverted


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